WellSuite® IV Platform

The WellSuite® IV Platform hosts the various Wellsource® Health Risk Assessments and Self-Management Tools. This platform includes custom branding throughout and offers the following options:

The unique design paradigm of the WellSuite® IV Platform changes the way a user interacts with an HRA, offering:

Exceptionally engaging responsive visual design – offering an unparalleled experience on all devices.
Extensive Branching Logic – presenting a human-like approach to taking an online assessment.
Streamlined Navigation – allowing for a simple, yet comprehensive assessment process.
Efficient Question Grouping – enabling quick completion (11 minutes on average).
Database Driven Content – supporting multiple language and dialect options.



WellSuite® III Platform

We’ve combined the essential components of a successful wellness program into one convenient package – the WellSuite® III Platform – an integrated, comprehensive, online suite of products that will give you measurable results at an affordable price.

The Essential Components of a Successful Wellness Program:

Brand it. Through the administrative features of the portal, you can brand it to your organization’s colors, logo, and messaging.

Customize it. Enable and disable features you want your population to see, such as the calendar, wellness news, messaging, and announcements.

Make it your own. Each wellness program component has an administrative feature that allows you to customize the settings, required fields, and sections of the program that are available to participants.

The WellSuite® III Platform is available in English, Spanish, and French.