Don HallFounder and Board Chair

Fitness, nutrition, coronary health, and health promotion expert Dr. Don Hall has made good health his life’s work. He began his career as a health educator– teaching community members, nurses, and college students about nutrition and health. He started the Spokane Health Education Center. Then, in the early 1970s, Dr. Hall developed wellness programs for school districts and a worksite wellness program for a health insurance company – one of the first in the nation. Seeing a great need for health promotion in the business sector, Dr. Hall founded and became CEO of Wellsource, Inc., a company that would help individuals and groups arrive at their wellness, fitness, and nutrition goals.

Through the decades, Wellsource, under Dr. Hall’s leadership, has provided health programs that meet the changing needs of corporations, government agencies, hospitals, and health insurers. Along the way, Dr. Hall has developed major health campaigns addressing employee wellness, coronary risk reduction, stress reduction, diabetes risk reduction, nutrition assessment, and much more. Wellsource now works with 2,000 corporations and government agencies worldwide. Dr. Hall continues to lead the company into an era when being healthy is not only a good idea, but it’s good business.

Additionally, Dr. Hall serves as an industry expert and leader, and professor of graduate education. An active fitness and health enthusiast, Dr. Hall has completed 19 marathons; bicycled across five states, as well as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland; and has climbed to Camp 1 on Mt. Everest.

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