Based in Portland, Oregon, Wellsource, Inc. pioneered the concept of computer-assisted wellness. In 1979, Dr. Don Hall, founder of Wellsource, created one of the first Health Risk Assessment (HRA) software programs for use on a personal computer – a contribution that landed him in the January 1983 issue of Time Magazine honoring innovative computer users.  Online HRA systems followed in 1999. Today, more than 35 years later, Wellsource continues to offer innovative, evidence-based health assessments and online wellness tools that improve lives and contribute to a health bottom line.

For Wellsource Clients

Wellsource delivers scientifically sound, highly customizable, fully supported, and easy-to-use wellness tools to organizations worldwide. Keeping evidence-based guidelines for disease prevention and health promotion resolutely at its core, Wellsource provides a visionary and proactive perspective on wellness solutions for the benefit of its clients. Our products help organizations lower health claims, increase productivity, and reduce absenteeism among their employee populations.

For Participants

Health education is our passion. From using Wellsource products, individuals gain knowledge and skills to be as healthy and productive as they can possibly be – mentally, physically, and emotionally.